Religion, As We Know It, Will Go Down In 100 Years

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  • I think what I so appreciate is that I feel he is actually exploring and clarifying rather than marshalling arguments, evidence, and historical support for a particular viewpoint.
  • Pew furthermore noted that, in a U.S. poll, atheists and Muslims tied for the lowest rating among the major religious demographics on a „feeling thermometer”.
  • As if our works is still what is pleasing to God, that he is only using grace to get us there.
  • It would be ridiculous to think that every belief system or ideology is even just religious, never mind a full-fledged religion, but that’s the consequence of how some try to use the term.
  • It’s there that we get to the Eisenhower ’50s and the Protestant-Catholic-Jew thing that we were talking about earlier, where we sort of agreed to disagree on the differences, the religious differences, across these traditions.

It is a brave new world for religious Americans who are increasingly unhinged from traditional authorities and institutions. There are being put forward, as religions divinely preordained for and practically suited to our times, the Ramakrishna Mission form of Hinduism and the Iranian-born faith of Bahaism. Of the the first, it need only be said that Sri Ramakrishna himself warned his disciples against forming an organized cult and that none of the old religions, however polished up they may be, really suits us today. Of the second, it is needful only to examine a few of its leading tenets to show their insufficiency. The present-day version of Bahaism, which is markedly different from its original version, rejects mysticism. But we have already seen that the needed faith must have some mystical touch about it.

What Is Religion?

Written by men not by an super intelligence we call God. We see everything in terms of us and material things. It amazes me what people will believe – some even committed suicide thinking they could hitch a ride on Halleys comet.

The End Of Religion As We Know It: Why Churches Can No Longer Hide The Truth

It’s changing over the last 25 years, but Indians can tell you the stories of what Krishna did with the Gopi girls and stuff like that. They don’t know what the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali say about exactly how the transformations of yoga work on your karma. They don’t know that stuff, but they do know the stories.

Fler Böcker Av Jack Miles

Incidentally, philosophy shares neither of these views and considers them both to be self-deceptions. Nor is the Bahai claim to be the latest religion tenable today. A hundred years have passed since the first Bahai prophet appeared.

Americans are religiously tolerant, yes, but Americans are also wary of – it’s interesting. The liberal side is worried that he’s just too religious and then the evangelicals are worried that he’s not the right kind of religious, so he’s in a bind there. In Catholicism you have this vast, rich tradition, intellectual tradition of theology, but Catholics are quite proudly biblically illiterate. That’s never been the point and that’s part of the reason we had the Reformation. And then you have a tradition like Anglicanism, which does value reason, but Anglicans are also biblically illiterate. But that’s a separate question from the other challenge, which has to do with – there is a narrative arc in my story about tolerance and how tolerance is the bugaboo of religious literacy.

And it’s very easy for Mormonism to sound weird to non-Mormons because it is fantastic. There were these people who buried this scripture and Jesus didn’t go straight to heaven. I got hundreds of e-mails from people in school districts who are trying to either start Bible courses, start world religion courses, ask about curricula.

Only what is received and revealed through Him can transform us. We need to be born into our Father’s family and not just call Him „Father” or „Papa” because others do. We need a Revelation of Christ and not a religion about Christ. Saul of Tarsus was not released from religion by Stephen’s amazing and Holy Spirit inspired speech; all it needed was for him to personally see, experience and hear Christ for himself; a Revelation of Christ. I think that instead of religions, there would be thousands of „religious-like” currents. The gap that religion fills in humans cannot be removed, but if no major prophet were to be born, other „trend setters” would take their place and achieve something less catchy but just as well spread in it’s whole as full-fledged religion.

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